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New Home - New Contract - Sorry?



Long story short.


I have got a deal in October last year for 12 months. I have moved my address in July and now I was hoping to end my contract. Bad news! It seems like the contract was extended to July next year but the deal ends this month and now I have to pay double the price until July next year. I didn't ever agree to an extension of the contract but here am I asking for help.


I also had a look at the T&C:


O. 5. Where we have agreed with you to continue providing the same services that you received at your current address to your new address and this is during any minimum period, then that minimum period will continue at your new address (for example, where your services are on a 12-month minimum period, if you move during month 7 of your minimum period, the remaining 5 months of your minimum period will apply for those same services being provided at your new address). Where we have agreed with you to change the services you receive at your new address then a new minimum period may apply for those services and the service start date for that new minimum period will be the date that the equipment is installed at your new address.


My package was not changed at all when I have moved.


I called 0345 454 1111 and I was put on hold for 5 minutes and then my call was dropped.


Old: Account number [REMOVED] Area reference 31
New: Account number [REMOVED] Area reference 26

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Re: New Home - New Contract - Sorry?

Hi diabolik123,

Sorry to see you are having issues with the home move and package renewal.

It's happened a few times and you are perfectly correct, unless you change any part of your package when moving home then the contract continues as previously.

You should be able to speak to the Retentions Team (thinking of leaving us dept) They can sort this out for you, and at the same time you could negotiate a new deal.

The best time to call is 8am when they first open and are least busy.  If you have a landline with VM you can call 150, the 0345 number is included in most packages, if not you can use the freephone number  0800 052 0422


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Re: New Home - New Contract - Sorry?

Good morning @diabolik123 


Welcome to the forums and thank you for taking the time to post. 


I can certainly do some investigations on your behalf, I will need to drop you a PM so that I can get some account information. 


Kind regards,


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