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Tuning in

Hi I have upgraded my virgin package about 2 weeks ago, and have had no end of issues trying to activate my Netflix, I have phoned virgin at least 5 times with different results every time, the last time was 4 days ago and I was told that I would be contacted by the technical team, as yet no response and I can’t access Netflix. Anyone have any ideas?


Hi I have checked on my virgin media and there is no activate Netflix button when I log in.

Hey Nick19641, thank you for confirming this.

I am going to send you a PM so we can look at raising a IT ticket for you.

Please look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

I have been having exactly the same issue. No Activation Email and every time I try to activate via MyVirginMedia I get a technical error messge. 

Been on the phone to VM several times now - 150. Each operator seems more clueless than the previous one. I have been told a ticket had been raised and would be resolved within 5 days. At the time I was advised not to activate or select billing via VM using the box as I would be charged twice. Today I have been told to go ahead and activate via the V6 box and that the billing will be reconciled by VM. 

Very confused. Anyone able to offer some coherent guidance here please? 


Hey Chigster thank you for reaching out and letting me know.

If a ticket has been made sometimes they can take a little longer than the 5 working days unfortunately. 

In the past I have got customers to do it through the V6 and it has worked so yes please give this a go and let us know what happens. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Be very carefull with that advice..

It may have worked for some - doubtfull - but for most it doesn't ! , there are many many posts here that confirm this is the case.

If the option says payment via Virgin , what will happen is that either you will be billed by Virgin in addition to what is included free in your package , or most likely after about a week you will get an email from Netflix saying the account has been stopped as Virgin will not pay.


Yup. So 2 weeks later and Netflix is asking me to sign in again to a package.  Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. 
Sounds like Virgin is drawing in customers and locking them into long term contracts with the promise of included Netflix subscriptions and then not allowing them (deliberately or negligently) to activate the service.  Customer services are useless as they give mixed or misleading information.  

Going to look into reporting this to the Ombudsman if it is not on their radar already.  

Hi Chigster,

Thanks for coming back to us about this Netflix issue, I am sorry it's still ongoing and that you're getting lots of different information about how to get it fixed. 

I'll be happy to confirm a couple of things for you - 

  • The correct process is to notify us about the issue so we can raise an IT ticket so our fault team can look into it and resolve it fully. However, as my colleague alluded to before, these tickets can take a lot longer than 5 days to resolve due to the backlog our IT team have. 
  • As a work around we have offered to add a rolling credit on the affected accounts to cover the monthly cost of Netflix, so that you can then go ahead and sign up through their normal process. Meaning you'll be billed by Netflix but our credit will cover it by taking the equal amount off your Virgin Media bill. 

Could you please confirm whether you've now got the rolling credit added to your monthly bill?



Thanks Megan, 

I spoke to customer services again today who have raised a new ticket and told me to wait 5 days as before. 🤯 
There was no credit on my bill, rather my access to Netflix (signed up via the subscription and pay via VM option on the VM box menu as per the above advice) was removed and I am being asked to subscribe again.  Happy to do that again if that is what you are recommending but it is very frustrating.  
VM should not be offering packages that they cannot honour - and IT backlog is no excuse when VM is taking a direct debit for the full package every month.  If that is the case then there should be a £12.99 credit for every month that the service is not activated.

Please advise if I should renew subscription via the box or wait for the mysterious “activation email”. 

Hi Chigster,

Thanks for coming back to me with more information, I am sorry the customer services have created another IT request, this isn't going to help quicken the process unfortunately, it should slow it down either though. 

Lets go into a PM so I can locate your services and see how I can help you. 

Speak to you soon!