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I have Netflix within my bundle and it stopped working 4 days saying I need to add my bank details. After speaking to Virgin several times I have just been told it a problem for loads of customers that's been reported and been escalated to there technical team. So now have to wait. Has anyone else got this problem

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Mine is now working but think my account may have had a slightly different issue. I had to have a price amendment done last month, which removed Virgin as my Netflix payment method. Netflix was working perfectly fine up until this point.

Called up retentions again last week, they managed to restore it Virgin side. They advised me to call Netflix after as I still couldn’t see it. Netflix got me to sign out and in a couple of times and then I could select Virgin as Netflix payment once again through my Virgin box. That was 6 days ago so will wait and see if that holds past the week mark.

I still don’t have the Netflix tile in my account page.

I it is a week ago since I re started my membership on channel 204 and at the moment I still have it with the dreaded email not materialising at the present time . Billed through Virgin Media I hope .

Still nothing for me , my IT ticket has been "escalated to the hyper care team"

Guess if nothing happens today thats it for this week as I am sure the hard working IT team will need the 4 day bank holday break !!!

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes

LOL !!

HyperCare team.  Now I've heard it all. 

I got my hopes up when I read that some of the forum members were getting sorted via channel 204 and I have tried re-setting Netflix, signing out and back in three times and still it does not have the Virgin payment option available to me. I was a member of Netflix a few years ago when I did a month’s free trial but not since I took out the Volt bundle (apart from about 24 hours when they must have temporarily sorted it) as we were using my son’s account for a while. Still no joy this end but one of the moderators has told me how frustrated he is too with this whole situation. Virgin SORT IT OUT please. 

Be wary of the chanel 204 option , you have the Volt package so Netflix should be included. That option will probably give you the option to PAY via virgin - £10.99 per month. You should not take this as it will either get cancelled , or you will be billed by VM.

We are waiting for an "included in my bundle" option...

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes

Billed through Virgin Media package

Contact Virgin Media to update your payment details or end your billing through Virgin Media.

This is how it looks on the Netflix account page after activating via the email.

I had exactly the same

give it a couple weeks, billing will probably fail and Netfilx will revert to your previous DD details, meanwhile if you selected the premium upgrade VM will continue to charge you

Not too good to hear, I was hoping this would be the end of the problem.

Thanks for your warning.