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Netflix subscription cancelled

Tuning in

I am another unhappy customer. My Netflix was cancelled by them a week ago because Virgin have not paid them.

I have paid and am not getting the service. It says on twitter that the issue has been resolved but this is not the case. Calls to 150 are not proving fuitful!


The problem isn't so much that I've been charged, I was expecting to be charged, I've had Netflix set up as an addon for quite a while. The problem is that it's been cancelled and I didn't ask for it to be cancelled (which seems to be the same problem that loads of other people have been having).

I can't seem to log in through that link. If I go here: I can't see Netflix anywhere. But if I use the mobile phone app and go to Manage Streaming Services it shows that I have Netflix, but there is nothing I can do on the page it takes me to.

I didn't want to re-activate it through the TV box because I wasn't sure if that would charge me again.

Thanks for coming back to me, I think it may be best to send you a PM to confirm your details so I can check your details.



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Virgin has cancelled my Netflix over a week ago yet has charged me for the coming month.

When will this be resolved?

I had this problem last month and had to restart the service despite promise by Virgin that it was all fixed. I have just received yet another cancellation notice from Netflix as follows - what is the problem Virgin?

We're sorry to say goodbye
Hi ****,
Unfortunately, Virgin Media let us know that they were unable to bill your account through your Virgin Media subscription. We are cancelling your membership, effective on Sunday, June 12th, 2022.
If you have any billing questions please contact Virgin Media.



Good morning kenmckay,

Thanks for posting - apologies for this Netflix issue. Because you pay it through the bill as an add-on, please re-subscribe through the Netflix channel/option on the box and this should resolve it 🙂


Forum Team

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Tuning in

I have an answer here for all customers who have recently had their Netflix subscription cancelled under their Virgin Media bundle package.

By the way, WhatsApp is the best way to speak to a Virgin human being...

After exhaustive contact attempts made with Virgin Media, it turns out that Netflix has increased their £9.99 subscription to £10.99 per month.

Because Virgin Media cannot charge you the additional £1 fee without consent Netflix has cancelled members' subscriptions for them due to the shortfall in payment. All you need to do is renew your Netflix subscription changing your billing method to pay directly. Also, ensure that you have cancelled your subscription with Virgin to ensure you are not accidentally charged twice.

This took 2 full days to get a straight answer!



Hope this helps!


Apologies for the delays regarding this philipmilnes,

I'm glad that has now been sorted for you however.

Do let us know if you have any further queries.

Take care,


How would one do that? Do I have to close my netflix account?

All I know at the moment is I'm getting billed by both VM and netflix for the same account currently

Hi stuartgreen,

Do you currently have access to Netflix?

Let us know,


Yes but only cause the billing reversed to my previous direct debit. Your still charging me the £5 premium subscription though.

I've been told repeatedly it's been cancelled and that my technical issue have been raided to the hyper team. 

I'm expecting another bill next month though all I really want is for you to stop charging me £5 for a service you arnt supplying. Shouldn't be tough but 3 month in its still ongoing