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Netflix nightmare

Dialled in

We're sorry to say goodbye


Hi xxxx


Unfortunately, Virgin Media has let us know that your account could not be billed through your Virgin Media subscription. We are cancelling your membership, effective from Friday, 1st April 2022.


If you have any billing questions please contact Virgin Media.


Obviously we'd love to have you back. All you have to do is restart your membership.

Restart Membership

We're here to help if you need it. Visit the Help Centre for more info or contact us.


The Netflix team

Got this email from Netflix on Friday. Since then have been unable to sign into Netflix via any of the VM apps or My Virgin Media page, keep getting message saying something is wrong please try again. Numerous phone calls to VM and Netflix over the weekend and today without any joy Netflix is included in my bundle but cannot sign in.  

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Glad to hear this @fuz.

Have you been able to activate your Netflix service? Do you need any further help regarding this? 


Forum Team

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Currently watching Netflix. At the moment all seems to be working ok. Anything changes will post back again.

Great! @fuz.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further help.


Forum Team

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Tuning in

I managed to speak to somebody who located the IT Ticket created on 19 May when I was told I would be contacted with a resolution 'within 5 working days'. Apart from telling me "it's clearly showing as overdue but it hasn't even been assigned to anybody yet" they said there was nothing they could do and that I should continue to wait "but it would definitely only be a couple of days now". 

I got told i would hve the activation e-mail within 4 hours and that was this morning - 7 hours ago. They will tell you anything to fob you off. I have been waiting about 1 month for Netflix to be accessible on my account but still paying forf it.

Tuning in

I raised a complaint today via the web chat and insisted on being given a complaint reference number. They gave me one and as soon as the chat ended I received an email:

Complaint reference: C-040622463

Thanks so much for the chat on 04/06/2022. We’re very happy to be able to resolve things for you.

Here's a quick recap

Your complaint was:
Television Faults > Delay in fixing my problem 

And here’s what we agreed:
Technical > Technical help provided

We’ve now closed your complaint. Thanks again for bearing with us.


Needless to say, nothing was resolved at all. I was just told to keep waiting and promised I'd receive an email within 48 hours, just like the last few times. 

On our wavelength

Don't even bother with the complaints, they just mess you around and give responses that are irrelevant to the question/complaint asked.

Hi lyesbkz,


Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you're having an issue with Netflix.


I've had a look at things from our side, so I can take a closer look at this I've popped you over a private message (purple envelope, top right hand corner)



For anyone following this thread, the PM I received said that an IT Ticket had already been raised and to wait for the outcome of it. 

I would encourage anyone who was wrongly led to believe that they would get Netflix Standard as part of their bundle when joining or upgrading to fill in this form to let Ofcom know of the issues with mis-selling. They won't review our individual cases but as there is clearly a widespread problem there's a good chance that they will start an investigation when it's apparent how many people have been (and are still being) mis-sold these bundles.