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Netflix nightmare

Dialled in

We're sorry to say goodbye


Hi xxxx


Unfortunately, Virgin Media has let us know that your account could not be billed through your Virgin Media subscription. We are cancelling your membership, effective from Friday, 1st April 2022.


If you have any billing questions please contact Virgin Media.


Obviously we'd love to have you back. All you have to do is restart your membership.

Restart Membership

We're here to help if you need it. Visit the Help Centre for more info or contact us.


The Netflix team

Got this email from Netflix on Friday. Since then have been unable to sign into Netflix via any of the VM apps or My Virgin Media page, keep getting message saying something is wrong please try again. Numerous phone calls to VM and Netflix over the weekend and today without any joy Netflix is included in my bundle but cannot sign in.  

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Dialled in

I've given up I'll just be happy if they stop charging me for it

Tuning in

The part of this I don't understand is that they are acting like this is a "free extra" of some kind, which may or may not work. When the reality is it's part of our contracts and part of the reason I joined. If our TV channels stopped working for 2 months would they similarly say it's too bad and nothing can be done?


I've already made my mind up though,  I'm going elsewhere when my contacts due up

Its been a complete [MOD EDIT: Language] show from start to finish. From the advisors knowing nothing about it. Incorrect advice given. Call backs promised and not received. Promised solutions in 10 days.

Official complaint emailed. And was closed when they sent me the same advice I was being given here, and told to call if it still wasn't sorted. Call to the same people that couldn't fix it in the first place!!

Its unbelievable a company the size of virgin media has been so incompetent. And embarrassing for a company like Netflix to be associated with them

I wouldn't be suprised if netflix pull the plug

There must be more to it than an IT issue !

It's unbelievable that it would take any IT department two months to fix an issue.

If it was just IT surely we would have had an official statement by now!

No statement must mean there is something embarrassing or sensitive to hide!

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes

Is it at all possible that someone with clout from Virgin Media could post an accurate update of what is exactly going on with the Netflix included in package scenario. Activation emails never received, IT tickets seemingly in limbo. Someone of Authority from Virgin Media needs to explain to their paying customers what exactly the problem is, and give a definite resolution date. Is that really too much to ask??

Hi everyone,

I'm really sorry that some of you are still experiencing issues with Netflix. It's just as frustrating for us as it is for you. 

To clear some things up and be more open and honest, we have been advised to raise IT tickets for this issue and were told that this issue will be resolved over the coming days. Obviously, this has not been the case for a lot of you and although we are seeing some access being provided for other customers, it is still a wide-scale issue and our team are working closely with Netflix to get it resolved.

At the moment, we do not have an ETA for a fix and we're doing our best to keep you as updated as possible.


Reece - Forum Team

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Tuning in

A new option has appeared on my Netflix app on my TV box to subscribe and have the cost of £10.99 per month added to my Virgin Media bill. That option was never there before for me. Should I choose that? It's meant to be included in my contract not an additional charge, so it doesn't seem quite right. Thanks

That option has been there for some of us for a very long time , but it is not the correct option if Netflix is part of your bundle.

It is an option a few of us have taken ( I have done it twice) but after a few days you will receive an email from Netflix cancelling the account saying VM will not pay.

I have been advised by the forum team not to take this option as it could cause issues when we get a fix!

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes