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Missed payment date, one week later paid, but showing twice the amount owed?

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My usual account fee was missed on last thursday's payment date(1st usually) - I logged in this morning and paid the full amount(Which was 10 higher, I assume a late fee?) - but it's showing I owe a second full payment amount. I assume this is next months? I'm just wondering why it's already showing as owed, if my payment date next is the 1st of Jan?

Could do with a little clarity. If there are staff, could you help check if it's because I missed another payment without realizing?






Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi AntRWells, 


Thank you for your post. 


I can appreciate it looks a little confusing when it reads like that. Is there a new/current bill available to view on your billing section? If not, don't worry - just let me know and I can take a look for you. But if there is a new bill generated it would be under the billing section. 




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Well, I just got this email just recently, 


We've got your £**.** payment. Thank you!
There is still £** left to pay from your latest bill. Please make sure you pay this before your next bill to avoid a late payment fee.


Which is confusing me, as I said I'm pretty certain I paid last month's bill, and I paid this months, a week late, but in full, this morning(Which is what the above quickpay email is about.) the amount is exactly one month's bill btw.


Hi there @AntRWells


If the bills were paid recently then it can take a while for the system to update and this email may have been before the update, but I'd be happy to double check your account for you and make sure. 


I'll pop you a PM now please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of your screen alerting you to a new message.


Thanks again.