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Mates rates

Tuning in

I'm an ex- Virgin Media employee moving from my rates to mates rates. I'm trying to find out what my new monthly rate will be when I move onto mates rates, but of course customer services are not able help me.

A contact number or email address for either the mates rates or my rates teams would be good.  And no, the 0345 454 1111 number is no help as they have no clue about this.  Also, I was given an 0800 number in a chat session which was no longer in use and referred me back to the 0345 number 🙄


Apologies that this has not been resolved for you @User_1234 

I will escalate this with the executive team for you to make them aware you are waiting for a response. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Joining in

LET ME KNOW IF ANY OF YOU GET THIS OFFER APPLIED PLEASE.!!!...Ive had exactly the same letter too..been going through this same problem for a few months.My automatic change over from MyRates to Mates Rates should have started on the 27th of January..Services jumped from £69.90 to £161.70. Ive had a lot of contact with quite a few Community Service Reps,none of them could get this sorted..I even emailed the Executive team, to be told it is not possible to apply this discount, the letters were incorrect wording and sent out by mistake...It ended in Deadlock..Ive now opened a complaint with the Ombusman.If you have the letter saying YOU ARE BEING MOVED OVER TO MATES RATES FOR LIFE IN 60 DAYS TIME and you too end up in deadlock,Go to the Ombusman.Looks like quite a lot of ex employees have had the same letter...Jus Shown Mine wss not the only letter sent by mistake.

Hi @Tina_Sassey 

We are unable to give any information regarding the change of package from My Rates to Mates Rates here but if you have raised a complaint all issues will be looked at for you. 


Forum Team

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