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Marketing calls

Dialled in

I receive telephone calls from Virgin Media, as authorised by my contact settings.

The people in the outsourced call centre do not speak English very well. They speak very fast in their local accent . Probably because they are making several hundred phone calls each day and they just robotically say the same thing. I ask them to speak slowly and clearly.

I politely asked for about 3 repetitions of a phrase as I had no idea what the speaker was saying.

They obviously thought I was being intentionally obtuse and hung up.

What message are they actually trying to give me?

Why don't virgin send me a text message or an email or even a letter in the post?

I'm contracted until Mar 2024


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi klynchk,

Thanks for posting on our community forums. We do apologise that you experienced difficulty understanding our outsourced agents when called.

If you have opted for marketing calls in your MyVM profile, our team will call you if we have any new promotions or offers you may be interested in. 

You can change your marketing preferences by logging into your online account under the section >update settings >marketing preferences.

Kind regards Jodi. 


The preferences are a sledge hammer. No contact or all channels.

My preference would be to only stop the phone calls. I value communication from Virgin by email, sms or even post.

Thanks for the feedback @klynchk

I'll be sure to pass this on.

If we can help with anything else, let us know. 

Forum Team

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@klynchk wrote:

The preferences are a sledge hammer. No contact or all channels.


No doubt that is exactly as intended by VM becuase most people would opt out of the extremely irritating and relentless telephone marketing and keep only the 'soft' postal an email options.

Not very GDPR compliant though for consenting to different marketing options