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Last bill paid by credit card


I paid my last bill by card today, I found in the payment confirmation email that the bill will be paid by direct debit again on the due date. 

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Re: Last bill paid by credit card

Hi Eslam,

That's right as per 

"NOTE FOR DIRECT DEBIT CUSTOMERS: Making a card payment online will not reduce or cancel any pending direct debit payment on your account."

If the direct debit payment goes through then it will treat as a credit on your next bill.

You might still have enough time to cancel the direct debit payment with your bank and then set it up again for the following month, or make an indemnity claim.

Hopefully a member of the Forum team will pick this up for you in a day or two and confirm.


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Re: Last bill paid by credit card

Hello Eslam,


Thanks for taking the time to raise your payment query with us via the forums, we appreciate you taking the time to do this and would like to welcome you to the forums.


As newapollo has advised, depending on if the Direct Debit is already in the process of being requested by your bank a card payment won't prevent this from being taken. The value of the Direct Debit will be applied to your Virgin Media account as a credit and cover future bills to that value.


If the Direct Debit isn't in the process of being requested and the card payment clears before this starts then the Direct Debit won't be requested as long as the payment via card covers it's value.