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Is it right that I have to give 30 days notice to cancel even when out of contract?

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This is ridiculous. The email I got when I passed my first year contract end (and went onto a higher tariff) says, "If you decide to switch, you’ll need to give us 30 days’ notice by calling 0345 454 1111, but if you cancel after your contract ends on 01/06/2021 you won’t have any early termination fees to pay."

That to me looks like nothing to pay... but I'm still having to pay a fee because I'm not giving 30 days notice (so I guess it's not an early termination fee as I'm not in contract - clever bit of wording there Virgin).

In the small print of the email there is nothing about 30 days notice and a fee if not, so I feel like I've been conned. How on earth can Virgin get away with this? For all the shoddy broadband I've had in recent times, Virgin should be COMPENSATING me, not charging extra when I leave.


By the way, virgin will triple your price at the end of your contract and force you to pay it until you give 30 days cancellation notice plus for 30 more days.

Hi @alex7777777


All discounts on a package are listed on the contract along with their end dates, they are also listed on every monthly bill. This allows you to see when your price will change and how much by. 


You can call us 30 days before your contact date end to arrange a cancellation to take place the day the contract ends.

Can I call you 31 days before or 180 days before the contract ends? Why 30 days only? Why not any other number? Why so restricted? Why rip off so called customers?



@alex7777777 wrote:

Can I call you 31 days before or 180 days before the contract ends? Why 30 days only? Why not any other number? Why so restricted? Why rip off so called customers?



You don’t, legally it’s a minimum of 30 days, up to, well the upper limit isn’t legally defined but, I suspect that 60 days is not unreasonable, and Courts do like the idea of reasonableness!

Now, in the interest of being a ‘nice’ person, may I give a bit of advice to all the forum team members on here? Legally, as VM employees and employed in a position whereby a ‘reasonable person’* might well interpreted what you say as being official VM policy, be very careful what you post! Something along the lines of a statement which might well be interpreted as meaning ‘you must give exactly 30 days notice’ can easily be regarding, as VM as a company attempting to deliberately deny customers of their rights. Now ask yourself this, if, unlikely as it might be, VM find themselves on the wrong side of a law suit because of something you posted, would the company absolutely back you up; or hang you out to dry? “Oh, this was rogue employee who has now been sacked….., lessons have been learnt……’. No, of course not, VM will back their ‘loyal’ employees to the hilt, and in the event of them giving bad advice will, of course, put their hands up and admit to poor training along with a promise to do better….., yeah!

You know, just a thought……

* oh and believe you me, Statue Law is replete with that phrasing and Courts really like it.

Hi All 👋

Just to be clear - you need to give us 30 days notice when cancelling your services. You can give us up to 60 days notice in total,however we are unable to process this beyond 60 days. Sincerest apologies if you ever call on the phone, and an agent advises otherwise. 

Just a friendly reminder, that here on the forum we are here to offer support and advice, rather than debating company policies. If you have feedback or a complaint you would like to formally register please do so here 👉 or let one of the forum team know and we can help to raise this for you via PM. 

You can find all of the information regarding our cancellation processes here;

-In the section titled 'how to check your virgin media contract information' here 👉 Information about your Virgin Media contract

-In this article regarding cancellation 👉 How to cancel Virgin Media broadband & TV

-In our Terms and conditions 👉

-In the information about Early Disconnection Fees here 👉

Hope this helps. Wishing you all the best 🌞