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How to locate account onlinewhen I have two

Tuning in

I have two VM Broadband accounts at different addresses. I have registered both, using lower case for the first and upper case for the other (the email addresses being identical in every other respect). But I can see only the first one online.

When I raised the issue through the VM help line, I was advised by VM to register the other account, but I cannot do that as the system tells me that I am already registered. I have also been informed by VM that one can have only one account per email. It seems that VM regard upper and lower case as identical: fair enough, but then I don't understand how was I able to register the second account in the first place.

Does anyone know how I can break what seems like an impossible circle, and access my second account online?


Absolutely NOTHING has happened in another week. Chris_W1 has not been in touch. I am trying to get online access to an established VM account and am being prevented from doing so. I am your customer, and am being treated as if I don't exist.

What esle can I do?

Hi @richardgmanning


Thanks for your response and sorry to hear about the delay in having this resolved.


I've just contacted Chris so we can provide you with an update as soon as possible, thank you for your patience with this and my apologies for the inconvenience.



Forum Team

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