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How To Lodge A Complaint

Joining in


Has anyone actually been able to lodge a complaint?

I get hung up on, get no complaint reference number or a generic email about a call we didn't have and what they're going to do to fix it. 

All I want is a deadlock letter so I can force VM through to the appropriate ombudsmen.



Hi @David_Bn

Thanks for your reply. 

Sorry to be blunt, but to be clear, the only reason I have had to file duplicate complaints is that VM keeps just closing them without contacting me. I am at loss to understand how VM could resolve an issue without discussing it with me. Further, they've even said in the emails 'thanks for the call today' and didn't call me. 

It's malicious behaviour and frankly it's insulting. 

The basics of the complaint were as follows

  • eligible for WiFi guarantee credit, but there is a refusal to add it.
  • Admission by VM that I should have been provided a new Hub with my last recontract and was not.
  • Having to upgrade to get equipment that is capable to delivering the speed I pay for.
  • Closure of complaints without discussion.
  • And now, repeated failures to adhere to promised call back. I have been promised a call back by a complaints manager for the last two days in a row between 10:00hrs - 12:00hrs and nothing. 

I would prefer to actually not to discuss the particulars in an open forum, if you're able to assist in the process I would rather discuss by PM.

But really, is quite disgusting that I must be bound by the complaints process, but VM can just close a complaint without discussing me or continually waste my time. VM charge £25 for a missed engineer appointment, so it's again offensive when you change your plans to wait to try and resolve an issue and there is no call back, but yet another email saying thanks for the chat.

Thanks again for any assistance you may be able to provide and have a pleasent day.


Thank you for that information AKW1989.

We can certainly take a look at the account for you. 

I will private message you now to confirm your details.