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How To Lodge A Complaint

Joining in


Has anyone actually been able to lodge a complaint?

I get hung up on, get no complaint reference number or a generic email about a call we didn't have and what they're going to do to fix it. 

All I want is a deadlock letter so I can force VM through to the appropriate ombudsmen.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The online complaints form is at 

The CISAS complaints process dictates that you need to have an unresolved complaint after 8weeks, or a deadlock letter before then, before you can escalate to CISAS. If you've not even opened a complaint, then you need to follow that process through before you can go out the other end.

Often forum staff can resolve things quicker and easier all-round, I've had a quick look at your other posts and it seems to be a broadband-related issue you have? It may be worth explaining the issues in a new forum thread - this one's as good as any - and give them a chance to respond. Adding "me too" to someone else's thread doesn't always have the same effect. 

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Thanks for the insight.

I have lodged complaints, 3 of them and they keep resolving them without speaking to me.

This is why I am at a deadlock. I am no longer willing to let Virgin try and fix this as they have no interest in fixing it, evidently.

I've been trying for over two weeks to lodge a complaint, and they just seem to have no interest in fixing it.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Are any of those 3 complaints past the 8week point?

If so - there's your answer. Submit to CISAS as unresolved, no need to get a deadlock letter - this only matters if VM admit deadlock before the 8week deadline. Taken from the CEDR link I posted above, and highlighted...



I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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Hi AKW1989,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We do apologise, that your calls have been disconnected when you have called us for assistance, this would not have been intentional.

If your complaint has reached the deadlock stage, you will be sent the relevant letter so you can take your complaint to an independent adjudicator.

For more information regarding our complaints code of practice, please check the link here

Kind regards Jodi. 

Hi Jodi,

Thanks for that. Here's the thing, I was promised a call today and that didn't happen. Instead I got another email saying my complaint has been resolved.

It's very frustrating because what I would like fixed should be relatively easy but it just seems no one at VM are interested in helping, rather making it look as if they've resolved a complaint.

I have now made it perfectly clear I am no longer willing to let VM try to fix this due to manner in which I have been treated and I've afforded them several opportunities to do so. Yet the promised called to discuss it and organise the letter never happened.

I am not sure how to proceed.


An exceptionally frustrated and upset customer.

Alessandro Volta

Why are you unsure how to procede?  japitts has offered excellent advice.  At a guess it seems likely that if you've had multiple complaints made and fobbed off, then the oldest is probably very close to or well past the 8 week limit that companies have to resolve complaints?  And in that case, as soon as the first complaint is eight weeks old (assuming they're all about the same problem) then you don't need a deadlock letter. 

If this is still all a puzzle, contact CISAS themselves to ask about complaint eligibility, or speak to Citizens Advice about your legal rights.

Hi there,

Sorry I probably wasn't clear all the complaints (same issue, just different numbers as they keep getting fobbed off) are just over two weeks old.

It's clear VM isn't interested in resolving these complaints either mistake or malice they're just closing these complaints without contacting me.

This is why I pushing for a deadlock letter because I shouldn't have to wait 8 weeks if VM isn't going to act in good faith to attempt to resolve my complaint.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If the complaints are only a fortnight old, then you have 2 choices.

1: Try to resolve the issue by explaining on this forum, and giving the staff a chance to at least try. They may succeed, they may fail, but give them a chance by explaining in this thread.

2: Use the complaints route but you potentially have a 6week wait - this forum isn't the complaints process so you'll have to get the deadlock letter from them or wait until 8weeks.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post @AKW1989, and I'm sorry to hear of the poor experience you've been having with our services.

It would be helpful to understand the complaint you've raised/want to raise to understand the complexity of the issue you're having with our services - with the help of @japitts, it suspect it's related to the broadband service.

Some great advice from both @japitts and @Andrew-G in this thread, but I would also add that filing duplicate complaints would not speed up or assist this process and would be closed as we would only seek to have one active complaint on an account - which we would aim to resolved in a 28 day period - but do have up to 8 weeks before CISAS can get involved.

Having duplicate complaints can effectively alter the 8 week SLA put in place as we'd have a different date as a starting point.

Hope that all makes sense and we can find out more about the complaint to offer assistance.

Kindest regards,