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Help with contract changes for my broadband package

Tuning in


Apologies if this is on the wrong board but I couldnt find a board topic that exactly matched my issue.

I received an email from VM yesterday saying that the price of my broadband package was going up by £7 p/m from 1st May 2023. This is a 20% increase on my monthly bill (way more than the RPI increase) which I was not happy about so I called customer services to discuss. I was offered a new deal which would be a reduced monthly rate but on a new 18 month contract which I accepted but on receiving the email confirmation I saw that the contract did not reflect what I was told on the phone. I was only given a discount for 6 months and then it rose to even more than what I was going to be paying with the May price rise.

I called up again to complain about this and requested that the contract be cancelled as it was offered under false pretences. The customer service rep obliged to do this and then said he can actually reduce the amount I pay for the remaining months of my original contract, to offset the May price rise, without signing me up for a new contract.

This morning I received another email outlining the changes but it looks to me like I have actually been signed up to a new 18 month contract after all. Again not what I was told on the phone. Also when I login to the website, the first contract that I requested to be cancelled is still there and says it's in the "pending" contract status.

It would be great if somebody from the VM team can help me understand exactly what has happened here and why the contract that I asked to be cancelled is still in my account.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @gervinho thanks for your post here, although we're sorry to hear of your concerns raised regarding your contract issue.

If there are changes made to any deal or contract, then a new 18 month contract is generally applicable.

What were you advised about this particular deal, were you advised that there was a different contract length? Can you also please advise how much per month you agreed to and that you expected to be the case, when the contract was agreed?

Many thanks


Dont worry, have spoken to custom services over the phone just now and got the clarity I was after.