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Help needed: Two Accounts with one email address...

Tuning in

Hello. I hope someone can advise here..

I have just signed up for a new broadband contract for a property I moved into this week. 

I already had an existing broadband contract at my previous address which started in 2020. I intend to keep this running for at least the next month until my previous housemate vacates the property. 

I have used the same email address to set up both contracts but when logging into the app or online I can only see details for the existing account. 

Can anyone advise if its possible to access both accounts using one email address? 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi JoelThomson,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. The short answer to your question is no you cannot use the same email address for two active accounts.

If you currently have an active account at your previous address and your housemate is still there for the next month, you will not be able to use your original email address to register at your new property whilst you still have an active account, and your email address is being used for online bills at that property. 

Once your flatmate vacates the address and you disconnect your old account, we can transfer your email address across to your new account number and you can then register your existing email address for an online account at your new property. 

If you do not wish to wait another month, you can register for an online account at your new address with an alternative email address if you have one available.

Kind regards Jodi. 

Hi Jodi, Thanks for your reply. 

Just in practical terms, when my router/bundle will arrive at my new address on 13th October. After self-installing what will happen to the router etc. at my previous address? Will that be automatically disconnected? 



Hi JoeThomson, thanks for getting back to us.

If you've arranged a move and transfer of your accounts and not set up a new account via sales, then traditionally the account you're moving from, cancels first. And it's usually 24 hours before your account goes live at your new address. If you've set up your new account via sales and are cancelling your existing account, plus getting new equipment, that would depend on your existing equipment.  For example if you've got a hub 3, I would recommend physically taking that with you, as it would need returned to ourselves.  Please see here.



Hi Lee. 

My hub arrives tomorrow and I am wondering what to expect when I install it as my hub at my previous address is still active. 

Also, I was told when ordering that I could self-install. I can only see an old Telewest wall socket in this flat. Am I correct to think that this will still work for Virgin Media? 


Hi Joel, thank you for returning to the thread for further support. 

 If you can please have a quick watch of this video: Installing your Hub 3.0 - Virgin Media QuickStart - YouTube, which includes an image of the correct type of telephone socket you will need for self-installation. 

You can see more information in this Quickstart guide, and article here: How to set up Virgin Media broadband | Virgin Media Help

If you establish that you don't have the correct type of socket please just let us know! We can then arrange a conversion to a manned installation to get you all set up and running. 

Let us know how you get on! Hope it goes well. 

All the best!



Hi Molly, 

Install was successful and all is working as it should be. 

Back to my original question though - When logging into My Virgin Media I am still only seeing my account from my previous address. Could you let me know how to cancel that account/package so that my new package/account is visible when logging in. 



Great to hear you're up and running Joel 🙂

As this is a new account, you would also need to set up a new online account.