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Help! Parents being charged for Netflix!

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My Parents are being suddenly have Netflix charges appearing on their virgin bill. They do not have any accounts with Netflix. How is possible that Virgin can sign them up for a service and take money from their account with their consent?

Sounds like they are giving her the run around too.  Netflix say it's Virgin. Virgin say it's Netflix.  Anyone got any experience of this? or what they did to finally resolve?  I notice a lot of these questions being taken to PM with a virgin media representative.  It would be nice to see the resolution and how the steps to rectify this.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Afterswish, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am sorry to see you parents are being charged for Netflix.

With Netflix we can't add this for the customer they choose to have it and sometimes we offer Netflix as free as part of the bundle they are .

Is it showing a charge for Netflix or is showing as zero?

The other only way to add this on is by them doing it for example them loading it up and starting an account up.

The only way to cancel Netflix is again on there website we have no control over cancelling it.

You can find out how to cancel it here Thanks

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?


Thank you for replying.

My parents definately have not signed up for anything, nor have they renewed their bundle.  I'm amazed that it can be initialised by Virgin as part of a bundle, but cannot be cancelled via the same mechanism. 

It's clear from other people on this forum. Someone has signed each of these people up for Netflix, when they did not request it. It can only really be...

1 - Bad practice on Virgin's side. Auto enrolling people who are coming to the end of a contract onto a new contract that includes this service.
2 - Nefarious sales practice, where Virgin salespeople are being dishonest to get commision and signing up customers without consent.
3 - Hackers have somehow targeted a bunch of Virgin customers and signed them up for Netflix for the very own enjoyment.

Clearly  - If my parents had signed up for Netflix in isolation, they would see the outgoing on their bank statement, right now they are seeing Netflix as part of their Virgin bill!

Again.  This isn't isolated - other people on this forum have experienced it and I can guess there's a bunch of people out there who are also struggling with this.  Just bouncing us between Virgin and Netflix isn't good enough.  The fact that you have no idea what has happened to all these people and are happy  to benefit from backhanders from Netflix while Virgin continue to oversee a mysterious mechanism that facilitates the sign up of your customers to a service they have not asked for is ridiculous.  We want to know how this has happened. Indeed, YOU need to know how this happened to prevent it in the future.

If we can't have honest answers here, I'll kick off a more serious investigation and pour more sunlight onto this mystery.

Does your parents contract show Netflix as included in the original correspondence Afterwish? If so, does it advise if this is free or chargeable?