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Hard search on credit report

On our wavelength

Hi, there is a hard search on my credit account conducted by Virgin Media (it states that I have made a credit application with Virgin Media). I have never applied for credit with Virgin Media. I only use internet service with Virgin Media for which I pay in direct debit (there is a zero balance on my account, and I never made my payments late). This hard search significantly decreased my credit score, and I am in the middle of purchasing a flat. I have tried to contact Virgin Media by phone and email since 26 July 2022, but I was not able to receive any answers or resolution. The situation is very urgent, as I am about to suffer substantial monetary losses because of the error made by Virgin Media.

I have contacted Virgin Media customer service advisor (on WhatsApp channel) who informed me that there was no hard search done on my account and asked to talk to the credit file amendments team to get this removed. 

So I have contacted both and complaints team and both refused to remove the hard search and responded without looking into the details of my case with an automatic response:  'As per our terms and conditions when you apply for any Virgin Media products the credit search is carried out with the details provided on your application.' I have checked the terms and conditions, and nowhere in there it is stated that a hard credit check will be conducted if the customer joins the broadband.

No Virgin Media advisor I talked to on the phone was able to direct me to the exact provisions of the terms and conditions that would inform about hard searches on credit file. If Virgin Media in fact does this to every customer (conducts hard searches), it should be explicitly stated as hard searches impact the credit score for an entire year. Even the lenders do not conduct hard searches for the purpose of mortgages.

I would like the hard search to be removed from my credit file as I never made credit applications with Virgin Media. Please advise who can help me with this. I was informed that credit file amendment team does not take calls and they are not responding to my emails. The complaints team did not know the rules about the credit searches and referred me back to the credit file amendment team.

The issue is very time sensitive. For two weeks I have been trying to resolve this issue with no success.



' It’s massively impacted my credit score'

Only you see it. Financial institutions use their own scoring methods. For entertainment purposes only. Credit Reference Agencies have no more knowledge of you likely getting credit than me or my cat. 

It is your credit record that counts. Amount of debt, CCJ's, missed payments, thin credit file etc... 

Soft searches have no impact at all for anyone. Again only you see those as it doesn't impact your credit record. Hard searches are seen by banks etc.  

Students will always find it harder to get credit anyway. 





Tuning in

On our wavelength

Hard searches are seen by banks/financial institutions and they affect negatively the decision whether to give one a loan (my mortgage application was rejected because of one hard search, which was confirmed by the bank itself). Hence, hard searches also negatively impact credit scores, which can inform the customers of their chances in getting loans. Please stop gaslighting people. Please do not give unsolicited financial advice, which it looks like you are not qualified to provide.