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First Bill

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I just received my first bill to my surprise I had the charges below which I was not expecting:-

£35 for activation which they had agreed to waver when I agreed to stay with them

£5 for deliver but they didn't deliver anything as I am using existing equipment

£8.40 Refund for loss of service for I day when it was down from the 26th Jan to the 3rd Feb

I have raised this issue using WhatsApp but just got put on hold. Does anyone know how you complain to Virgin media without spending hours on hold




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello InnesMcc


Sorry to hear of the confusion caused by the additional charges to your first bill for activation and delivery, we understand the confusion this can cause and appreciate you raising it via the forums.


If these are due to an account change or a change of package, a new contract would have been sent to you, this will indicate what was chargeable and what wasn't. Can you check this and see if it was free activation and delivery?


In regards to the loss of service credit, these are generated automatically, more details on this process can be found here for complete loss of services over 48 hours in duration.



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Many Thanks for your response

Unfortunately I was sent 3 contracts on the 14/01/2023 for various amounts with various charges I was told that this was so that you could gat my phone activated and not to worry about the content which I accepted at the time.

None of the contacts mentioned a delivery charge and more importantly how can you charge a delivery charge if you haven't delivered anything?

I have checked you loss of service refund policy and it states that after 48hrs I should receive £8.40 a day. The service was supposed to go live on the 26th and did not go live until 3rd so that  7 days 



Sorry I got the bit about loss of service wrong it should  Didn't Install the service on the correct day so that's 9 days at 5.20

Thanks for your reply, sorry that you have still not had this issue resolved. 

I will be happy to check this further for you, I'll send you a PM to confirm your details so this can be done.



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