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Firbre Switch over

Joining in

How do I speak with some at Virgin media regarding my mum's account ?  we have received notification that the land line is being switched over to fibre however she does not have broadband,  I also have an account at the same address and would like to enquire about merging the two together and getting engineer out as we have a telecare alarm system attached to the line.  I spent 30 mins yesterday trying to speak with someone re this was on hold for most of it transferred to 3 different teams ending up in being disconnected 



Up to speed

They will supply a Hub 3 with special firmware that locks the WiFi and ethernet ports out of use, providing a slow speed internet connection to the telephone ports only. So don't worry they do have provisions in place to offer landline only services via the new digital system without needing to get broadband. 

As for merging accounts, hopefully VM Staff will be along at some point in the next couple of days to pick this up and talk through your options.