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Joined as a new customer midway through Dec 22, haven't had a bill debited yet so called up to find out what's going on. Turns out after over 2 hours on the phone and 3 different departments that whoever it is who processes new accounts has somehow added a different persons details in the direct debit information!! This person has been charged in Jan 23 and then made an indemnity claim through their bank to recover the amount and logged it as fraud. Virgin Media didn't call me to discuss or cut of my services, NOTHING. Again this person has been charged in Feb 23 for the original January amount plus Februarys instalment. In the eyes of the law I am committing an offence using someone else's bank details without their knowledge or permission, they have logged a fraud claim with their bank which if they investigate and involve police i could be arrested! Virgin Media have committed serious breaches of data protection by adding another's details onto my account where I can view them. Absolutely disgusting and so far the resolution offered was to change the direct debit details to my own and  £20 account credit. Absolutely not accepting that as a resolution and I will be seeking legal advise. Monumental mistakes have been made here on behalf of Virgin Media.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @kayegriffiths, welcome to our forum and thanks for your post.

I'm sorry to see that this has happened on your account. We would certainly like to help with this so we can put things right.

I'll send you a PM to confirm some details so this can be done.



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