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Essential broadband £119 bill

Tuning in

I'm really confused by an email I've just received

I'm suppossed to be on essential braodband plus

I received an email from you on 16.02.2023 saying:

Here's how your changes affect your next bill:
Your next bill will be generated on 21st February 2023
Your next payment is due on 13th March 2023
Your new monthly bundle cost is: £20.00*.
Your next bill will be £1.17* which includes CR £23.83 to cover your changes up until your next bill period. There is also a one-off charge of £5.00 for installation or activation.

I thought this meant that I was susspossed to pay £1.17 on 13 March, which is why i havent paid anything yet, now i receive a bill for £119.

I'm on universal credit and having money issues and now you are adding extra costs to my bill.

If I had known that I had to still had to pay £55.75 by today I would have done it.

Now my online bill is saying i owe £119 and that I'm being charged £55.75 from 10 march to 9 april, but im now on essential package and this seems to concrtrdict the email i received from you on 16.02.23.

What is going on, im supposssed to bwe paying less and now im being charged more!!!!!

The last thing i need roight now is more streess and this is rely confusing me and trying to reduce my cost with virgin only seems to have cost me a lot more.

Please explain what is happening.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @LCK 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry for the bill confusion. I will send you a PM now to help further.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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