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Customer Service Number Unavailable

I've been trying to get in touch with customer services all day but so far none of the numbers work. They keep cutting me off before calling out. The national number, 789, and 150 seem to be offline.


Does anyone know how I can contact them?


The reason being I got a letter thus morning of another price increase. The cost of my 100mb broadband us going up to over £45 per month. That's simply outrageous! Especially during a pandemic. I have a friend who like me has been a customer for 15 years and for the same service he pays £20 less than I do so how is mine increasing to that ridiculous amount? 

I will be telling them to bring that cost down or I'm going to BT after all these years of being a loyal customer. BT can offer me 300mb for less than I'm being charged by Virgin for 100mb. I'm not standing for it anymore.


Anyway, rant over, anyone have details on how I can contact them? Thank you in advance.

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Re: Customer Service Number Unavailable

Hello GAD3T

Sorry to hear this 

As a rule we are unable to look at package changes or costs on here 

This will need to be done by calling us again or 0345 454 1111.

You can also send us a text with a description of your problem to 07533 051809
 if it’s about your cable services, or 07533 016422 if you have a query about your mobile services. 
Your message will go into a queue and a representative will respond to you as soon as possible.


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