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Contract price increase

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Hi everyone,

 I know that this post is very similar to many others, but I thought I'd add my two cents; my contract went up from £23 - £30. I appreciate that many of you pay more but I only get broadband through Virgin and it's still a 30% increase.

 Since that is clearly well beyond inflation, I'm going to put that increase into the 'Greedflation' category; in addition, any argument that 'we're upgrading the network' is royally screwed by the recent financial report for 2022 which said that they gave away £1.6 billion as shareholder dividends ( increase well over inflation and keeping shareholders happy.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

As has been said before, your increase only looks so large because your discount is so high.

Price increases are based on the full price, not your heavily discounted price.

If you were not happy with your new price you could have cancelled.

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On our wavelength

Oh please, it's disengenous to raise the full price, when every other document will reference the discounted one. If nothing else, why didn't the discount get a percentage increase as well? Having a relative price for the baseline (which only goes up) and an absolute one for the discount would clearly mean that, over time, the discount would become worthless.

And, for reference, the percentage increase was 14.7%, which is well over the rate of inflation. So, please take your 'insights' elsewhere, because you appear to be an apologist and nothing more.