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Contract not cancelled as agreed

Joining in

My contract is due for termination on the 19th February, however today I received a bill and logged onto my account and it says my account was updated on the 4th February for some reason and is still active.

Contacted support on WhatsApp again, agent said yes, it will cancel on the 19th and we will take money and refund you automatically at the end of the month.

The agent promised me an email confirmation which I haven’t received and my online account hasn’t changed.

What’s going on? How can my account be “updated” after I cancelled it?

thanks for any help on this



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey superalex1888, thanks for posting on our help forum and welcome back to our community.

We're sorry to hear of the confusion with your bills and charges while at the end of your services with us, we'd love to best assist with any issues or billing errors where applicable.
Based on the info shared above, your services would be still active up to 19 February '23, where we will disconnect the account and issue your final bill.

While the services as still active, on the same date each month we issue a bill for you automatically. If you've been billed for a period where your services will be de-active (exceeding 19th February) we'd then correct this default error on the final bill when it's out (on or after 19/2/23 for you) where the corrections will apply to reflect the period you've been billed for is matching the active service period.

If your final bill is in credit after this, you'll receive a refund via cheque about 45 days after the account disconnection.

Please, be aware all this information will reflect to your online account too however it may take up to 48 hours from each change/update to show on there.
Let us know if the above information is of help or if there are more queries / concerns you wish to share with us here.
Happy to best advise on these.

Forum Team

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Hi Adri,

Thanks for the reply!

The agent I spoke to on WhatsApp said that the refund would be automatically processed back to my account. I'm just concerned that on my account online it says nothing about my cancellation, in fact, it says that my contract was updated on the 4th of February (not by me), 2 weeks after I gave my notice and received confirmation that I was canceling.

Wouldn't a cancellation show up somewhere in my online account? 

Thanks for the reply on the forums @superalex1888 🙂

From what I am aware - a cancellation does not show up on the online account but may be processed as an "order" on our end to terminate the services on a specific day.
May I ask if you have received an email confirmation of the services ending?
Let us know.

Kind reagrds,

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs