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Is there a complaints procedure I can access?

I have just moved house and am going through the nightmare virgin cancellation process.

I was out of contract for over a year as I knew I would be moving house so kept on paying the fee I was always on.

I rang virgin and said I wanted to give 30 days notice to cancel my account.

I arranged collection of my equipment which was done but they now say I still have 2 other items which I need to return. I guess this is the old equipment I had before my last upgrade. I actually returned this equipment over 2 hears ago using their own provided packaging.

Now virgin media are charging me the remainder of service which I'm ok with but also £40 for so called non returned equipment and also £30 early cancellation fee.

They they said they would waiver the cancellation fee if I gave new address with a bill linked to that address. I rang them to inform them the area I moved to does not have a cable supply which they checked and agreed that would be ok and the fee wouldn't be charged.

So here I am with a bill for £35 remainder of service, £40 for non returned equipment which i returned years ago and £30 early cancellation fee when i did give notice.

Company and customer service are an absolute joke. 

I now have to wait a few more weeks before I can get the ombudsmen involved.




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You refer to a complaints process and also waiting for an ombudsman. Take a read of & 

You need to have an open complaint unresolved after 8 weeks or deadlocked before, and only then will the independent arbitration CISAS accept a referral. Ofcom, the regulator, only handle complaints from individual customers for statistical purposes - they won't get involved in any resolution,.

Your alternative option is to be patient on this forum and see if the staff team can resolve things, if they can it'll be quicker & easier for everyone concerned. Once a complaint is opened, their hands are often tied.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Technoraze

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of this dispute. OK so there's three things for the complaint. 

The first is the equipment you're saying you've returned - do you have the documentation for this such as the Collect Plus receipt? If so, we can trace this and if that shows as returned, we can remove it from the account.

The next one is the disconnection fee, this is only charged if you're moving (or moved) to a serviceable area and not taking us with you and in a contract or moving or moved to a non-serviceable place and not provided the documentation showing this. In which case you'd be charged an EDF. See more here -

The remainder of the service would be charged alongside the disconnection fee so as to not charge you for the same bill period twice.

I will send you a PM though to formalise this for you.

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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I do not have any documentation as this was sent back years ago.  I would have assumed you would have a record of this.

As regards to remainder of service I'm ok with that.

As regards to early cancellation fee I received an email today stating they could waiver it if I sent proof of new address, utility bill etc.

I did previously ring to explain that I am moving to a non virgin serviced area and the house is not in my name. My partner has bought a new build house so deeds, bills etc are all in her name. I will be added to the deeds by transfer of equity when my house with the old virgin contract is sold. I will also then be added to utility bills etc. The person on the phone said it's ok I would not be charged yet here I am getting emails saying I will be billed for it along with the equipment I already sent back.