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Complaint - Online Order

So I placed an order for the Bigger Oomph Bundle on Wednesday via the website.  I received the confirmation email with the summary. I thought everything went through and I expected to receive the contract soon after.  In the email it said I would be contacted in the next 48 hours for any problems or further details. 

I waited until Friday for the contract and confirmation for delivery (Self-Install). Still nothing.  

I used the chat via the site yesterday to query my order and confirm the delivery for Saturday, the agent said the account was not active and it will take 48 hours to complete the order. 

I rang this morning to check the status of my account and delivery.  I was told my account is being activated and delivery is set for the 4th August.  Great, delays but understandable with the current situation, new date is fine and they would waiver the activation fee because of the delay.  But then I got another email to ring about keeping my existing phone number.

I confirmed everything regarding the phone number, no problems so far.  But then I asked about the amazon prime subscription voucher and how long it would take to receive, the agent was confused so I had to explain the promo when I signed up.  He told me I did not qualify because the order was made today and has expired.  

That wasn't correct as I had the email confirming my order on Wednesday. What proceeded was a back and forth with the agent and I disagreeing.  I stated I wasn't told a new order was being placed. Regarding the original order, he said it didn't go through.  Which makes zero sense as I was able to use the details created during the original order to confirm my identity with several agents.  And I used my online ref. number from the email to confirm my order when I spoke to them (chat/phone).  

I also asked if this affects my Quidco cashback tracking, which I had to explain.  He admitted it could as it's no longer an online order but a new order via phone.  The agent try to offer £50 credit vs £140 cashback + 12 month prime sub (credit value £75).  I declined as this was nowhere near the savings I would've received.  I asked to speak to the supervisor/manager at least.  The same back and forth conversation and then I was offered £100 credit instead.

Still not great, so I refused the offer and I asked to cancel my order.

This has been frustrating to deal with and the first time I've had issues signing back with Virgin Media.

Took another phone call just to get my cancellation email.  All in all it took 5 agents to help and not help at the same time today, with long wait times in between calls, going from one department to another.  But I wonder how long it would've taken if I didn't contact Virgin Media to realize there was a problem to begin with?? 

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Re: Complaint - Online Order

Hi johnpc,


Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, I am really sorry to hear about your experience trying to come back to us and to hear the original offer changed due to order being changed or canceled.


I will get this fed back.





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