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Channel package changed despite me asking MULTIPLE times for NO changes

Well everyone, another renewal call to Virgin for my 84 year old father, yet another shambles. That's 3 out of the last 4 renewals been a disaster, with the last mess requiring me to call monthly 6 months in a row to get a manual adjustment made.

To give you an idea of how much of a shambles it's been in the past, feel free to read

Anyway, today's carry on......

I deal with my 84 year old fathers affairs.

He had a discount on his tv package that was ending on Feb 2nd, resulting in his bill going up from £93.75, to £125.50 a month - over £380 a year of an increase!

Anyway, I call and after an hour and a half waiting in a queue then speaking to Zoe, and asking her several times to confirm NOTHING was changing except the price (which a playback of the recorded call will confirm), we agree on £99 a month, which includes the 4% ish rise due in Feb.


Even better, at the last minute Zoe said she said she could actually get it to £95.25 a month, and after me again asking if that was with nothing changing, she said yes and I said "sign me up!".
An hour and a half on the phone, but result - so I thought.

A few minutes later, I then get an email thru - "Thanks for making those changes", and in bold, it says....

"We've removed:
TV: Sky Sports HD Pack"

After counting to ten (several times), I get back on the phone.
After just under an hour, I get thru to Say (pronounced "Sea" I believe).
Lets just say she had serious communication problems, and I told her we were going round in circles as she clearly couldn't understand a word I was saying, but she said no no, put me on hold for 10 minutes, and when came back said she understood, and that my father DID have Sky Sports in HD, and she had also checked this with her supervisor.

I then get a call from my father, saying his Sky Sports HD channels are saying they are not part of his subscription package.....

After taking multiple deep breaths, I called Virgin for the third time today, and I got thru a lot quicker this time - only 35 minutes in the queue........

I spoke to Tin, who immediately confirmed that Zoe had removed Sky Sports HD earlier today.
How she seen that in seconds when Say couldn't, nor could Says supervisor, is beyond a joke.

And, even if I HAD asked for it to be removed, my fathers current package (and bill) runs to Feb 2nd, so he should have had Sky Sports in HD for just under another month!

So, after almost 3 hours on the phone today Ive finally established my fathers package "with no changes made" has had Sky Sports in HD removed - that will be how Zoe got it from £99 to £95 no doubt.

Tin then said she could put it back on, but it'd be an additional £7 a month, making the bill £102.25 a month.

I said no way - it was only £99 a month a few hours earlier with Sky Sports in HD, so why should my father pay just under £40 more a year for someones mistake ?!

Well, Tin wouldn't budge, so thru no fault of my father, he is now paying more than before, and with no Sky Sports in HD.

So, can any admin please assist.
As usual, I can provide the account number, security details etc if required.
Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Channel package changed despite me asking MULTIPLE times for NO changes

Hi MurphyFamily,


I'm truly sorry for what sounds like a rather frustrating and disappointing experience. I certainly wouldn't expect you to have such trouble arranging and applying a suitable offer. We wouldn't usually perform package reviews or make changes via our forums, but we can certainly make an exception in this case.


It's possible that Zoe simply missed the HD add-on when negotiating a new package, but I can appreciate that this doesn't resolve the problem for you or your father. I'm unsure why it may have taken a while for certain individuals to complete their investigations, but I'd like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.


I'd be happy to take a look at the account and any relevant notes to see what can be done. If the deal(s) you discussed are noted on the account, we should have no trouble honouring this for you. Of course, we'll need to clear account security in order to discuss this further. I'll send you a private message now to confirm a few details, please head to the purple envelope in the top right corner to respond.




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