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Cancelling account

I am trying to cancel my account since last mount. There is not much information on the website. It is all confusing. I have cancel the debit payment via my bank account and finally get some attention. I had a call from one of the virgin media customer service and I told her that I am trying to cancel my account. Of course she told me to call virgin media and I told her that It is going to charging me extra (I have paid enough for calls on Virgin media's customer service before) and I am not willing to pay it therefore as a solution she told me that she is going to put a note on the account then they can call me back. I was happy, I though it was going to be shorted. Than I have received 2 letters on the same time dated 2 different days which was saying that they open a credit limit for me. First letter was about the credit limit, second one was to inform me that my credit limit increased. THANK YOU BUT I DIDN'T ASK FOR CREDIT LIMIT AT ALL!!!

I straight away email to virgin media which hasn't been replied yet!!! 

And Surprise!! I woke up with an email which was saying YOUR BILL IS READY.

After the lovely surprise, I started to have live chat which was going well. He was really helpful (finally). He told me to call but I told him exactly the same thing as I said on the previous talk. I don't wanna pay extra. He offered to call me and transfer the call to the cancelling department. I really appreciate his customer service. The person from the cancelling department was too rude and she wasn't really helpful. And eventually she hung up on me. HOW RUDE!!! I was wasted my morning at work on this and stressing here!!!

Last couple of months my billing payment has been increased without any notification!!! And I never had good internet connection at home (Fibre optic!!!).

All I want is for my account to be cancelled including my recent bill.




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Re: Cancelling account

Hi ergordidem

Thanks for getting in touch about the account cancellation and welcome to the community. 

I am sorry that at the time of your post you were having issues arranging this. 

I can see that after you posted you spoke to a colleague and they have arranged this for you. 

Let us know if you need anything else. 

Kind regards. 



Forum Team

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