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Can I cancel my VM account via this forum?

Tuning in

I have TV broadband and home phone, and I want to cancel due to prise hikes and getting a much better deal elsewhere.


I've tried calling, I was on hold for 3 hours, and then hung up on. I've tried again and was on hold for well over an hour before I needed to go out 


I can't use WhatsApp, so can only phone, but I get extremely panicky on the phone, and waiting so long causes anxiety, which is more annoying if no one actually answers


So I'm hoping I can cancel via this forum instead, as theres no other way to do it. Ridiculous that you can upgrade via an app, but can't give your intent to cancel without using a phone line that is clearly overworked and understaffed




Up to speed

You won't be able to cancel on the forum, this is mostly other VM users who can offer help and advice - the VM staff moderators chip in occasionally but I would suggest trying online help or the WhatsApp chat bot which will (eventually) put you through to a person at the other end of the chat. there is a mobile number for this +44 7305 327112 although if i am not meant to give this number out a moderator will redact it very quickly.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @psychospider 

I'm afraid the forum staff don't have access to the cancellation or regrade systems.

The info and contact number given by @banhamm is correct.

Please try the online cancellation route (screenshot below)  where you can either cancel or negotiate a new deal with them. 

You can also cancel using the good old fashioned Royal Mail. If writing include all of your account details and send it by registered (signed for) post to 

Virgin Media Sunderland SR43 4AA

online cancellationonline cancellation

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