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Account cancellation confusiong

On our wavelength

Around three weeks ago I cancelled my contract without termination fee, due to an offer to do so because of a change in contract. This went through, and was told in the coming days I would also receive an email and pack to return my equipment in. But since that moment, I've had no such contact.

And my bill atm is two months worth, which is confusing as I thought it would just be a final month's payment if that.

So I'm asking if someone from Virgin here can help my understand my current situation? I am willing to pay the money owed if it is legitimate, but I still have to cancel my account, as I am already online with BT as of this morning.






Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi AntRWells,

Thanks for posting and sorry for any confusion regarding the bills and your disconnection. 

As we require 30 days notice, your bills would continue to be produced up until the point of disconnection. 

Once the account has been closed you would then be issued with a final bill, which will include any final charges or credits owed.


On our wavelength

Ok I see, so I'll wait for that then. What confused me is a email they sent this morning, but I Gather it's one of their automatic emails and doesn't mean my contract is not ending as wanted?

"Like many of our customers, your contract with us will come to an end, and for you that will be on 10/03/2023. After that date, your price will be £**** a month.

As detailed in your contract with us, your plan is subject to a price increase, which is not reflected in the figure above. We’ll be in touch by 31st March 2023 separately regarding your price rise"

Just in case it's important? I'd appreciate if there's a VM employee here they could double check for me?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @AntRWells 

That's the email being sent out to eveyone that will be affected by VM's annual price rise which is due to take effect for most customers from either April 1st or May 1st.

It's automated as they have to let everybody be aware of the pending price increases and  completely separate to your cancellation.

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Hi AntRWells,

As newapollo has advised, this communication would be sent out automatically and not affect any pending disconnection you may have 🙂