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6 month sky cinema freebie removed after only 3 months

Joining in

I have today agreed a new contract which I'm told will be implemented on Thursday 8th June when new modem, remote and mini box will be delivered.  However, I've just had an email outlining changes which are nothing like those agreed and the Sky cinema freebie has been removed. The email also says that these changes are from 1st July!

I'm at a loss to understand why these changes have been made and annoyed that a 6 month free offer turns out to be only 3 months? 


Quite how these changes were made in July 2023 is beyond my understanding of physics.  I did not request or agree to these changes.  Does this mean that the changes I am expecting next week are no longer going to happen? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey StefanPlum, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear there is a contact issues.

Sometimes when a new contact is made this could start right away or within 30 days, also when doing this means you could lose some discounts sometimes.

However I have taken a look at the account and I can see you've been in touch since this post, did they manage to get this resolved for you? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Yes Matt, change of contract means I lose the freebie. Not able to be reinstated.  I should get it back next week when Tv 360 upgrade kicks in but it’s taken 5 attempts to get the contract to agree with what I accepted over the phone and a number of hours on the phone trying to correct things. I have no confidence that the upgrade will actually happen.

So, short answer, yes it’s resolved - the 6 month freebie wasn’t as described.


Hi Stefan,

Glad to hear this has been resolved however we apologies for any inconvenience caused by having to make so many calls to get it resolved, if you do need any further help/ support, pleas do not hesitate to reach back out.