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03454541111 doesn't call from my mobile, no live chat, price doubling soon, internet issues

Hi, so I had a Virgin Engineer out yet again before Christmas due to paying for 350mg broadband and getting 5mbs in the house. It's worse wired as well but he fixed it. That lasted until around Christmas and I noticed everything lagging in the house (I live alone so no multiple things on at once issue). 

Your app says everything is connected in each room, I've pin hole reset the router 15 times, taken everything off and put it back on one at a time and used "Sam Knows" as well as other speed test monitors and both wired and wireless come back as 5-30mbps. You're engineer said it was 300+ but even he was confused when all my gear was not getting that speed. He left and during that 1 day, my speed did reach the 300+...for 1 day.

Sam knows tests show on both my mobile and laptop (in the same room as the router) that I',m getting around 3-25mbps, can't stream anything without it becoming an artifact blur.

I try to call 03454541111 from the only phone i have, my mobile, and it dials but instantly hangs up. I've only ever had a mobile phone too so it does work as I use it ever day. Then i get a call from Virgin just before Christmas, trying to sell me something. The guy on the phone told me that my £48 broadband was going to double in February.

This shocked me so between that information, the lack of internet speed I'm paying for and not getting, not able to call Virgin to talk about this doubling of my bill to over £80 or about the terrible internet (I don't care if the engineers phone connect, I need my amazon Firestick 1 room away and my laptop thats in the same room to have that speed and I'm not about to move a stranger with a nice phone into my house so Virgin can prove the speed is there....) and no way to contact Virgin by phone or via any live chat (where is live chat? It's there for "business!!!) I went to cancel...guess what? Can't connect to Virgin or call or talk so this is my last option....a message board or some forum. 

Also, as a matter of frustration, your website has links and questions where you can click on an issue, require more help and get a response...this doesn't work. What happens is I look for live chat or a way to live chat or an alternative phone number that works for me, I get shoved through various sub-menus and then i get to a page that asks me to sign in. I'm already signed in so I do it again. It throws me backwards. I go through it all again (and I'm now signed in twice) to get to the part where I want to speak with someone. I click it, "SIGN IN"....I click it to get to what I hope is a person to chat to and again, I get shoved back on the hamster wheel. What is going on guys? Seriously?

Can someone from Virgin please call me? My mobile number is on my account since you already used it 3 weeks ago to offer me "upgrades" to the terrible service I'm currently paying for?

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Re: 03454541111 doesn't call from my mobile, no live chat, price doubling soon, internet issues

Hello Ginnes,

Thank you for reaching out with your question regarding your price rise. We'd be happy to advise further.But sadly we dont deal with this on our Forum pages 


You can give us a call on 150 / 03454541111 to request a disconnection with 30 days' notice if you are affected by this price rise. If you'd rather not call in or are having trouble getting through on the phone, you can text us instead on 07533051809.


Responses may not be immediate, but the team are available 7am-11pm Monday-Friday and 8am-8pm Saturday & Sunday. Messaging interactions would normally begin with our chat bot to clear security and confirm the nature of your query, you would then be put through to an agent who would respond as soon as they're able.


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