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VoIP call - How Private?

Can a voip call I made be tracked as it’s ex directory number? If I’ve called a company to make a anonymous complaint and I’m now concerned of any details they may be able to obtain, such as my WIFI username? I’m assuming since most Virgin customers have the same IP address that I wouldn’t need to worried about them having the ability to see this? Does being ex directory protect my privacy or does it being a voip call open me up for have some information that can be accessed?

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Re: VoIP call - How Private?


If you mean a connection for your home phone to the hub then it isn't VOIP it is 21CV, then they will not be able to obtain any settings from the hub, the service although use the internet cable from you it still has to be converted over to a normal exchange at some point, a call cannot be tracked that would be a serious breech of GDPR, the only thing that a company may have is your phone number as although ex-directory that doesnt stop the line from sending your caller ID (Your phone number) you would have had to start calling with 141 and then the number you are calling for example 141012345678 that would withhold your number.

Have a look at

For some information on the 141 service.

Regards Mike


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