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Switching from TalkTalk

Joining in

Hi everyone,

Getting a little confused here. I have purchased a new contract with VM and would like to port over my telephone number.

I am due for my VM install on the 03/01/23. My TT contact ends the next day.

VM telephone support claims I have to cancel my contract with TalkTalk as they are unable to, and the number port should have occurred by the install date. 

TT claims if I want to keep my number VM has to notify TT who will then cancel my contract.

My questions are

  1. Do I need to cancel my contract (broadband/telephone) with TT or will VM handle the switchover?
  2. My TT contact ends on the 04/01, what date for VM install would allow for my phone number to be ported before this date? (there are no early termination fees with my current contact)

Thank you in advance for your help


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey AZumla,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.

When transferring your number over to us, you would need to keep your phone line active with TT to be able to transfer your number over to us. We will cancel the phoneline once the port has taken place but you will need to cancel your broadband with Talk Talk.

If your install date is due to go ahead on 03/01, the port can go ahead on that date, if you want that to happen. 

Kind Regards,


Thanks @Steven_L 

My broadband and phone are all one package with TT - will the cancellation of the phone line not cancel the broadband with it?

If the port goes ahead on the 03/01 will it be completed on the 03/01? Or will it take a few days - as if this is the case it'd make more sense to push the install forward by the estimated number of days it will take. 

In addition, how long will it take VM to notify TT to cancel my line after the port?

Apologies, lots of questions.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply. 

You will need to speak to TalkTalk to request the cancellation of the broadband service.

If we book the port to take place on the 3rd, the transfer will happen within 24 hours. 

Once the number leaves Talk Talk they will automatically initiate the cancellation process for the landline. 




Thanks for the reply!
Had my install today, three questions (apologies for so many)
1) would it be possible to see if a port of my number has been initiated?
2) The VM engineer gave us a 'temp' number, this number is not currently recognised when rung. When a (working) phone is attached to the hub there is no dial tone. The hub before I put it into bridge mode stated "Telephony (Disabled)".
3) There was some confusion with the VM engineer about our current number. The were claiming our number is no longer live - but they were using a very old number (likely from the old owners), our current number is very much live and working (and has been for 15years). Unfortunately no one in the house at the time thought to check if the number they had was correct. Will this be an issue? The number I used when signing up was the correct one.

Thank you for coming back to us AZumla. 

We can certainly take a look into the account to see if the port in has started. 

I will private message you now to confirm your details.