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Switch over day! Line is dead…


Switch over day has arrived for us and the hubs gui says telephony is ready, great I thought. 

The problem is that the new line is completely dead and the old analogue line is still active. 

I tried two different phones and two different adapters to connect it to the hub. Nothing. 

Any ideas?



Hi risc19 👋

Thanks for the update on this. I'm glad to hear you've been able to get further support on this issue. Please do keep us updated on how the visit goes - we're around to help if needed.


Reece - Forum Team

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Both phones work. They can make and receive calls.


However the corded one does not ring when a call is incoming.


He basically said I need to replace it (it is old).


Just bought a cheapo corded handset to get her back in business. It works.

That's £10 you owe me virgin.

Hi risc19


Thank you for your further response.


Changing to the phone service via cable is a government objective and this has to be completed by 2025, we are choosing to take the change over now to ensure all of our customers have been migrated prior to the current telephone exchange being closed down in 2025.


Therefore, due to the above a compatible handset would be required. 


We are unable to offer a compatible handset/cover the cost as part of the change over process.


If you do have any further questions or concerns, please pop back to us here and we would be happy to help. 


Vikki - Forum Team

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Yes, I thought you may say that. 

Just to be clear, ALL of the handsets I have worked just fine BEFORE the switchover. I would say that's compatible. In the literature you send out it simply says plug it in the hub, and it will work.

There a no list of what IS a 'compatible handset', or what the definition of 'compatible handset' actually is.

It's a total shot in the dark as to what is actually going to work.


Edit: I was also just looking at a RJ11 Plug to BT Socket Adaptor with RINGING CAPACITOR.

I wonder if that would fix the problem, you guys may want to look into it.

Hi risc19


Most phone handsets that were compatible with a connection via wall socket are also compatible with the new Hub connection.


I can see you mentioned that it was an older model that hasn't worked with the switch over and this is likely the reason why.


We are very sorry for any disappointment and/or inconvenience caused by having to purchase the new handset. 




Vikki - Forum Team

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I reckon this comes under s50(1)(b) of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 given that the dedicated VM Help page on this issue is unequivocal:

"Will I have to change my home phone?

No, you can keep using the same phone you’ve always used. The new fibre phone line is designed to work with the same phones as the old copper line ." 

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So after looking at my bill I've been charged... 

Appointment Charge œ25

11 May£25.00

To be clear I didn't ask for an appointment, this was made for me by virgin. This was because 1 of my phones didn't ring after switching over to digital.

Not only did he not explain why it didn't ring he told me just to buy a new phone.

So now I've bought a new phone you want to charge me £25 for the privilege?!

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

I will send you over a private message so I can take a look into that for you.