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Still waiting after 14 months for landline to be fixed

Joining in

Since March 2021 my home phone (landline) has not worked. I've had multiple technician visits, cable pulling teams, and many many calls with the Virgin Media customer services, and I've even raised two complaints. Long story short, the underground phone cable is damaged about 100m down the road, and in all that time Virgin Media have failed to fix my home phone.

The good news is that broadband services to my house are unaffected, so the broadband cable is in good working order.

The last  cable pulling team that were here a few months ago recommended getting a "21CV" box, so the home phone could use the broadband cable for calls rather than pulling a new cable underground.

In the last few months, I've made at least three calls to Virgin Media customer services requesting a "21CV" and explaining the issue. Each time I was told one would be sent to me. I have not received it.

Today I made another call, and was told "a technician needs to be sent out" to investigate the problem.

It's already been "investigated" by multiple engineers and cable teams from all over the country. It's not complicated. The phone cable is broken.

Why is this so difficult for Virgin Media to fix? Why is the complaints procedure so ineffective? What do I actually need to do to have this resolved? 

All suggestions gratefully received, but want I really want is a) a working home phone, and b) Virgin Media to recognise how ineffective and broken their customer service and engineering services are.

PS I've also been told I can't have all of my payments for the many months of failed phone service payments refunded until it's fixed - lol.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MrJohn101,

A war, welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We do apologise that you are having issues yet again with your landline. 

We can certainly understand the frustration after multiple technicians visit the issue is re-occurring for you.

Can we ask if any of the technicians have reported that you need a replacement cable when they have visited?

Remotely looking at the systems from our end, we can see that another appointment has been booked for you. We will be happy to email the area field manager on your behalf to see if a cable replacement can be booked in due to the ongoing issues.

I will pop you over a private message to take some details, please click on the purple envelope to accept that chat.

Kind regards Jodi.