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Scam calls

Tuning in

I have not disclosed my phone number to my own family so please explain how I got a scam call from Amazon on my landline?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Stephen_Metcalf, 

Was the call on a landline or mobile?

Have you signed u for anything online, ordered anything? then had to give a contact number 

Our Customers details are kept secure 


Hi Gareth, no we haven't given our number anywhere I don't even know it as I haven't checked as I said we don't need a landlines its just part of the package.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Sorry to hear you experienced this @Stephen_Metcalf.

Were any personal details given during this call? What number did the call come from?

You may find the following link useful




Forum Team

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They said they were Amazon and we had someone trying to spend £500 on our account, my wife just hung up so no harm done.

Thank you for letting us know @Stephen_Metcalf.

Please do try the given link sent prior and let us know if the calls persist.


Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

In common with most scam calls, it is NOT an information leak that leads to you receiving calls. Nor was it Amazon that actually called you.

The vast majority of scammers use robot-dialling VoIP software to mass dial huge blocks of numbers at a time. They will systematically dial through every possible number on an exchange looking for "Live" victims (ie. Calls that are picked up & not recognoised as automated such as an answering machine or voicemail). Live calls are then passed to the scam operators.

I would also ignore any numbers shown on incoming caller ID. These same robot-diallers can fake or clone any existing UK number to make you think the call originates in the UK, which more that likely it didn't.

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Amazon fake call to VM landline.

I have been getting these fake cold calls, I had one today saying I had bought an iPhone for £500 and to press 1.

I ignored the call, but it had an unusual twist, is the scammer rings from a number similar to my own landline number but with the last 2 digits changed, this makes it look like a local call.

I have had scam calls before from my own area code but very few.

Sometimes they just hang up, or a message with an Asian female voice.

I had not made any purchase on amazon recently, so I know it was fake following my own checks.

The phone modern phone technology enables these fake VoIP calls so the scammers are getting away with such scams now, and can spoof any number so it is hard to differentiate between genuine and fake calls these days.



Another fake call Amazon-23/03/2023 on my VM landline.

I had one today, claiming there was illegal activity on my amazon account, and do I want to cancel the purchase.

I put the phone down.

The caller was from an unknown number and sounded like the call was outside of the UK with an Asian/Indian accent and a bad crackly line so hard to understand the caller.

The phone number had a Tyneside code 01914, but may be a  computer generated phone number using Voip.

I have just noticed a recent email from Amazon warning about these scams- on 12/12/2022

Order Confirmation Scams. These are unexpected calls/texts/emails that often refer to an unauthorised purchase and ask you to act urgently to confirm or cancel the purchase. These scammers try to convince you to provide payment or bank account information, install software to your computer/device, or purchase gift cards.


I have checked my amazon account  by logging in to my amazon account, and the  related email and there was no recent purchase, proving the call was a scam.



28/03/2023 on VM phone (landline)

This possible scam was to do a political survey (may 2023 local elections?) that would take 10 minutes which I declined, playing safe as I have not given out my phone number to do surveys and always decline random surveys, as they ask to many personal questions.

The phone number was Chelmsford, London code 02045.

This phone number had also being used for Lloyds bank scams.


Scam text- to my mobile phone

Today in the early hours I had 2 text messages several hours apart to verify a login to an Indian/UK  taxi firm/app

The mobile is not a VM mobile but is the  mobile number I use for VM  contact and is on the O2 platform.

I checked my mobile phone to ensure it was secure and working , so it may be a wrong number, I did not reply.