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Scam calls for faulty modem

I have alraedy reported the problem of scam calls that i have been persistently getting in the last 24 hours, immediately after puting the phone down to you i got a further call from

01562 638488 at 09.43 @  13-9-21 

This time having answerd the call I answered good morning Metropolitan Police and the call ended abruptly

I have also had calls previously from

01628 544545

01530 459462

Can this third call be investigated please

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Re: Scam calls for faulty modem

There is not too much point in reporting these calls IMHO in so far as it won't stop them ringing your number. Nor will any kind of individual investigation take place on the numbers listed.

This is because these scam calls mainly use fake caller ID. The numbers are usually random and often do not exist. Now that you have received these calls, you will almost certainly receive more.

You can screen your calls by letting them go to answering machine or by viewing caller ID. Alternatively invest in some call screening technology which will automatically filter the calls and screen out the automated scam calls.

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