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Proof of usage

Joining in

Hello i need help with proof of usage for my insurance company, i lost my phone and virgin can not give me the proof that i used my phone .i gave them my imei number but saying thst they can only provide proif off sim card but not the phone ,please help


Hi Faridhaider, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community. 

Sorry to hear that you've lost your handset, this isn't good. 


Can you just advise if the handset was purchased from us, if not where from?

If it isn't one of ours then we wouldn't be able to provide official proof of purchase but we could see what we could do to help. 


Emma_C - Forum Team

I bought it from a private seller, it is not a contract phone. 


We wouldn't be able to confirm proof of purchase as it wasn't from us. 

We could however add the IMEI to your account as third party and advise you of this in an email if the Insurance would accept this. 

Do you still have the details of the IMEI at all? 

Emma_C - Forum Team

I think they’ll accept it, as long as it’ll be shown under my name. 
thats I’ve been using my phone with this imei, for my virgin SIM card. 
Where can I provide you my imei?

i have all the details. 
serial number , imei etc. 

Sorry to resurrect this post, but am having the same issue.  Did a webchat the other day but no one mentioned being able to give a letter to confirm - don't suppose anyone can pm me about this?  I have the IMEI and all that, just need to demonstrate I own the phone for insurance (the receipt for the device is in my wife's name - a gift at the time - and the insurance is mine 🙄)

 can you provide an email to confirm to my insurance provider that you are unable to provide  proof of usage. 

Settling in

Hi can a prouf of ussafe can be sent to my email as I need it for the claim of my phone.

The phone is not from virgin but I have a contract on sim that I had used on that phone.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
Sorry but Virgin Mobile don't provide proof of usage. They only provide proof of purchase for devices they've directly sold, not for SIM only.
I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own

Hi could you send me this too please 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @Isa1232


Welcome to our Community Help Forum 🙂


Thank you for making your first post in this topic regarding proof of usage.


Unfortunately Virgin Mobile do not provide proof of usage. Did you purchase the handset from us?


Kind regards,