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Phone questions before joining VM - please help


I'm hoping that someone here will be able to respond to this. I've tried, without success, to get through to VM by phone, so I thought the forums would be a good place to go instead.

I've been researching ISP alternatives for my Mum. She's currently struggling on an unreliable max 4Mbps TalkTalk connection in the Nottingham area, and since there's no fibre there (apart from VM), none of the other usual ADSL/VDSL suppliers are able to offer her anything faster. The (only?) sensible option seems to be VM. 

With TT, she's currently on a contract (that she IS able to exit early from, due to multiple issues with TT) and paying £26/month for a broadband package, along with a telephone line that allows her unlimited free calls 24x7 to UK landlines, mobiles and 0845/0870 numbers. We're trying to match the features she has and also, if possible(!), obtain a similar monthly price. I've checked the VM site, and surprisingly can't find any clear information about the below 3 items, which she'd like to also be able to get (just like with TT):


  Caller display.

  Withhold number (permanently, for every call, with the option to override on an individual basis if necessary).



We'd like to know if these features are available on the VM landline system, and also whether they are free or chargeable.

Apart from the above 3 unknowns, when I checked a few days ago, she would be able to get a VM-supplied set-up similar to her current TT for £36/month. Bearing in mind that I'm expecting at least one or two of the above 3 features to add money onto this, making the total perhaps about £40/month (?), do you think there's any way we could get this down to nearer the £26/month she's currently on?

Many thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer on this.


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Re: Phone questions before joining VM - please help


Happy to help you with this. 

I will send you a PM to get some details. 

All the features are available on VM

Here to help! I'm a manager helping out whilst working from home. Find out more

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