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No dial tone

On our wavelength

My parents landline hasn't been working for three days now.

Basically there is no dial tone and also when we phone into the landline from a mobile it rings the mobile side but no sound from the landline, 9 out of 10 times. When it does ring, it rings once on the landline side after hearing it on the mobile ringing around 8 or more times.

I have tried plugging in a wired (backup) phone and it is the same thing.

I rang virginmedia helpline last night and spoke to a gentleman who tested the line and said there was nothing wrong with it. He then rang the line (we were speaking on my mobile) and I picked up after one ring and he said it had rang 5 or more times his side (still no dial tone). He then passed me onto another gentleman who then ran some tests and then asked me if the phone had another handset and if so to unplug it. I did that and the dial tone was back. He said that it was the second handset/base that was interfering. I thought it strange because it hadn't worked earlier when unplugged when we had plugged in the wired phone, but it was working again so that was all that mattered. So.....

Tested again this morning and no dial tone (other base is still unplugged and turned off) and when I ring into the landline from mobile I hear it ringing on my mobile but nothing from landline phone side.

Please help. I canny bare to ring the help phone-line again with all the options and waiting.


I recommend speaking with my colleague that is support you via private message if you wish to raise your concerns further and raise a complaint regarding the service and the delay. The private message is still open to you for further issues/concern if needed. They'll be able to assist you further with your query. ~CS~

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

29th has come and gone and still no incoming or outgoing calls. The person ringing in still just hears a ring tone. This is a very pressing issue. My parents are elderly with health issues. They can't contact anyone for help or we can't check up on them. I first raised this issue on the 25th of April on here. Please HELP!

We're sorry to see your landline issue is not yet resolved, Wallynotone.

Have you been back in touch via private messages with our colleague that was looking into this for you?
If so, what is our latest advise/updates on this?

Let us know if you're still in touch with Zach_R on the private thread and where we are with this so we can advise more.

Forum Team

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No I am not in touch with Zach in the private messages since as I was waiting to see if the situation was resloved on the 29th. I will paste what I've written in here today to him now though.

Tuning in

That sounds like my problem too - fed up with the menus and calling for hours only to be told it is working when it obviously isn't !

(I have several sockets, but same problem when all except one plugged in. Several phones to try too, with no difference so not phone either.)

If I get anywhere, I'll share!

Appreciate that Pete.  Yes when I tried the phone help I was told there wasn't a problem. It's very frustrating. When the engineers came out it worked briefly. Also on the few times they have managed to be on a call the crackling was at insane levels. That's the noise that is there instead of a dial tone as well.

For anyone reading the threads I thought I would come back and just say this is now resolved. Took 6+ weeks but with the phoneline impossible to repair finally got a new modem from Vrigin (hub 3) which the phone now operates through. Just had to have the modem moved downstairs next to phone and Bob's ya uncle.

Thanks to all that replied.

Hi @Wallynotone

Thank you for the update on this. I do apologise for how long the issues have unfortunately been ongoing for, but I'm very glad to hear that they've now been addressed and resolved.

Please do let us know if there's anything more that we can help you with at all.


Zach - Forum Team
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