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No Phone Service

I don't have any phone service for my landline.,, can't ring out or in

Getting the run around, MyVirginmedia app and Service Status online says there is No faults when clearly there is.

tried 3 times ringing from mobile, was told 1st it was a Ring Trip, then another fault, was going to be 2-3 hours to fix, now its 4 days time.

it started off the phone rang (a weird ring), but not usual ring, I thought ohhh weird, so i rang 1471 to see who rang and all I get is a Engaged tone, No dial tone or intermittent tone,, If I try to ring my landlne from  a mobile i get message saying other person is currently unavailible.

I HAVE Tried another phone on the line and get the same can't dial out or in, try ringing out and i get a engaged tone

    (Is this a Ring Trip)

Not getting a straight answer.fron Virgin

On ringing Virgin I get pre-recorded message about a fault with TV and Broadband in my area, yet there isnt it's the Telephone

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Re: No Phone Service

Hi Morkjc, 

I'm so sorry to hear that you're experiencing an issue with your phone line, and that there has been some confusion when you've called in. 

I've run some checks and can see that there is currently a local issue, the reference for this is F006895312 - I can see that this has been logged on your account. I've just checked for an update on this, and can see that our network technicians are currently on site and are working on the fault. We have an estimated fix time of 4pm today. However this is subject to change. 

Just for clarity, ring trip is a situation where the line rings once, then cuts out, callers normally then hear a lot of static or noise on the line - When you try to ring out, you normally hear a lot of static on the line. I can see why it may have been mentioned that it's ring trip, as you mentioned the weird ring tone, but I don't think this is the case. 

Apologies for any inconvenience. 


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