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New install HUB 5. Phone not working properly

Tuning in

So new hub 5 installed.  Phone attached to dongle.   And phone does not allow incoming calls.  Outgoing work. Incoming when answered just drop the call. Tried another phone.  Same thing.

and NO SUPPORT from Virgin first or second level.  

what does it take to get help? When I’m paying a lot for the service.  



i just noticed  this thread is new install hub5s     mine has been in for a while  . the fault  for me only started  towards the end of 

end of last week.

I am so sorry about this @wyre we are doing all we can to get this resolved for you and everyone effected but this is taking longer than expected. 


We will let you know once this fault is resolved. 


Thank you again.

Ours is still broken.  Interesting that it’s the whole country!  Virgin arranged an engineer to visit on Thursday. :-).  

@M00nraker, might be worth seeing if the technician visit is actually needed (saves you waiting in all day) as they may not be able to resolve it and the resolution is more of firmware/config update once the fix has been developed that is applied remotely via TR-069.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi M00nraker, 

Thank you for updating the thread. 

Please do let us know how the visit goes and if we can assist further. 





Others are reporting it now working properly when picking up calls after a reboot of the hub 5.

Might be worth a try doing that too and see if it now works for you ?

Thanks for the update cymru123, 

To clarify were you experiencing the same problem?



Rebooted this morning and we’re back working.  Thank you. 

Hi M00nraker, 

Thanks for coming back to us and updating us. 

We're glad things are working for you now. If you have any further issues, please don't hesitate to pop back and let us know. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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mine is still not working and now if i try and dial my landline from my mobile it just says this mailbox is full, please try later.

I am annoyed   for third time i have been told that a ticket has been raised and it would take 24 hours to fix and it's a know

fault   engineers working on it .as this has been going on since Friday night Saturday morning. it is a lot more than 24 hours

so can somebody please tell me the truth on what's happing. and i keep getting told i am on a priority list has it is being going

on for a while.