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Need to upgrade to 21CV if have new router anyway?

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Hi, I've had an appointment booked, for technicians to come to convert my home phone line to 21CV. We recently (within two months) had a new router, which we were told we could plug a VoIP adapter and phone into. If we've got a new router anyway, do we still need a conversion appointment?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @mjs243 thanks for your post here in the Community - welcome!

That is generally correct yes, once the adaptor is sent and the switchover is complete, the landline should work through the Hub for you automatically.

If you've been scheduled a switchover appointment though, it is best to keep this in as the technician can make sure everything's working for you as sometimes, there needs to be work at the cabinet if this isn't successful so it saves you the possibility of calling up again, to re-book this in if things don't work automatically.

Please let us know however, if you do need any further help!

Many thanks


This makes no sense imo. You are telling this poster that it's best to keep their technician appointment still. But surely it's better to let the technicians go to where they are really needed. As they appear really busy as I couldn't get the choice of day/s and time slot I wanted one that was most convenient to me. Not that I even need a visit anyway. But that's another story. Which will be addressed in another call soon.

I mean you aren't sending technicians to all homes to check things over every time that it's someones turn to switchover and plug in their adapter. 

Hi @mac51,

Welcome back to our forums and thank you for posting.

For the landline switchover certain customers would have appointments automatically booked for them. This may be, for example, where the connection is complicated and will need a technician or if the customer is vulnerable. For this reason, it is best to keep the appointment, so our team can properly check that your switchover was successful. 


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If I'm understanding the poster at the top of this thread correctly. They don't need a technician now. And as I say technicians appear really busy so why send them where they are not needed. There will of course be plenty of people who will put their adapter in position on the correct day and all will go fine. At such a busy time use the technicians wisely is my view. I understand regarding the vulnerable etc