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Hi there,

I am thinking of changing from BT to Virgin. I used to be with “NTL” from 1999-2002, but I no longer needed cable so I changed my telephone and everything over to BT and have had the same account with them ever since, although broadband etc has been added. I am currently with BT Full Fibre 150, with unlimited calls, and I am paying £51 a month. I was horrified to learn I could be getting 50mbps faster with virgin for £12 cheaper. Although I am unsure about one thing.

We use our landline a lot. It is our main telephone (very old fashioned in our household lol), and I thought it was very handy when BT came out with the digital voice adapter, meaning you had the equivalent to a few lines (you could still use the phone when it was in use). I noticed the VM hub 4 & 5 have 2 telephone ports on the back. I was wondering if this work the same way.

For example, if I was on the telephone connected to port 1, could my mother lift the phone connected to port 2, and use it, and can we both be on the telephone at the same time (as if we have two lines, this is the way the DV adapter works with BT)


I hope I haven’t confused everyone, this is my only concern about moving to VM, as it is a handy feature. Even when we had the copper lines from BT, we considered getting a second line put in for years.








many thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @rsmyth492

Welcome to the community!

Thank you for getting in touch and for your intertest in joining us. If you had two phone lines services on your package then yes, you can both use the phones separately on the two different numbers.  Each telephone port will have a corresponding number. If you would like to discuss available packages, please do consider giving our sales team a call on 0800 183 1234, we'll be happy to help further assist. 


Hi there,


Thanks for your reply. So each port would have a different number? So it isn’t automatically set up as two ports, same number?




Hi Ryan, that's correct. It you have one phoneline service this will be available on Tel 1 port only. The second part labelled Tel 2 will be for an additional phone line for another number if the customer requests this on their package.