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Line Rental Saver - existing customers


I spoke with virgin around 19th March and they confirmed that 'Line rental Saver" option was still available for renewel for "existing" Line Rental Saver customers.

Today when I called to renew - they now said it had changed - but he couldn't tell me when !

This seems so confusing !! WHAT IS THE TRUTH !!

My contract runs out on the 10/06/19 - I think I should be changing provider.

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Re: Line Rental Saver - existing customers

There is a longer thread on this here if you search. I posted in there earlier today. 

I have been renewing line saver every year and, after reading that thread, realised I had to contact them 6 weeks (not a month) prior to the date when it was due to end.  People who contacted them 5 weeks before were being said it had been cancelled as it was too late because the next bill had been made up. 

However, I called to renegotiate my contract for TV and phone for the first time since joining 5 years ago. Knowing I had to do so because of the line saver. 

I am paying £67.15 pm and wanted to reduce this in some small way.  But when I asked I was not really given much option and told that too few people used line saver so it was now not possible to renew it at all even 6 weeks ahead. 

So they offered me a deal - which involved paying £76.15 pm - a £9 pm INCREASE. Not what I came to discuss. Arguing this was a special discount to those who paid line rental saver  and by paying it monthly in effect gave a £90 reduction on my bill. 

True as that is, it feels different, and I also saw the likelihood that next year this would be removed and my bill would like go up by that £8 or so per month plus whatever rise Virgin charge. So in effect a £12 p m rise - taking my sub from £67 to £88 pm in that period. 

This disastrous move by Virgin is likely to make many people do what I am now doing. Look elsewhere for better options. 

Sadly it seems you have to be willing to go where companies want your custom as opposed to ones that treat you as a cash cow to find the better offers you can only get if you leave Virgin and go elsewhere, 

In the long run that will not work out well for the company I fear. I had no desire to leave Virgin when I called earlier today but my mind has been pushed in that direction almost entirely by the perceived unfairness of the removal of the line saver and how loyalty is of less value to being a new customer.

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