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Landline number of 40+ years not ported

I've decided to post on the forum as I'm getting stressed and frustrated with having to wait in long queues trying to get my Sky Landline number ported to Virgin Media (VM) . This is the same problem treetop5 talked about in their post so I don't understand why VM has not still not given me my old number. 

My parents are elderly and have had this landline telephone number for 40+ years so not having this number is extremely distressing for them. My dad is considered to be clinically vulnerable and relies on this telephone number for calls from the hospital and doctors. They have found it distressing not being able to receive calls from family members abroad, especially during the festive period given the current restrictions. 

I keep speaking to staff at VM and getting inconsistent information. Things are not being completed and actioned by dates given to me by VM customer services.

I got a text message on the 7/12/20 saying that VM would be transferring my old number on the 16/12/20. On this date I was able to make outgoing calls using my old number but when I rang my old number it did not connect.  

Since this date it feels like VM are playing musical phone numbers as I never know what my landline phone number is going to be!!!!!

I've made over 6 calls to VM about this, spending over an hour on the phone each time I call. I have also submitted a complaint about the problem.  I've spoken to a manager who was adamant that everything would be resolved and I would have my old number by the 14/1/21.

I then received a text message today saying that they can't complete the number port!!!!

My complaint has been closed when my problem hasn't even been resolved as I still don't have my old number!!!!!

Can someone please sort this out!

I am not a VM hater! I've switched between VM and Sky multiple times in the past and never had any issues with any services or porting my number.

I am extremely disappointed and frustrated at VM and the really poor customer service I have/am receiving. This has/is extremely distressing for me and my parents. 


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Re: Landline number of 40+ years not ported

Hi there @Bushido88 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community. Apologies for the delay in response, we have been very busy and doing all we can to get to each customer ASAP. 


I'm very sorry to hear you've had these issues with your parents landline. I appreciate this would be worrying and frustrating for you all. I'll pop you a private message now to to pass security and get this looked in to for you. 





Hollie - Forum Team

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