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I don’t need a landline and have been trying to get it removed, as I don’t want to pay £19 a month for something I neither want nor use. However, this simple thing has proved difficult. Eventually, Virgin removed the £19 a month charge from my bill, but this is only for a period of 18 months and then it will be applied again, even though I won’t suddenly start to need the phone again. To quote Virgin’s blurb for new customers: ‘You can get broadband and TV without a phone in the package. Many of us rely on our mobile phones … more than we do a traditional landline. As no one wants to pay for a service they’re not going to use, many providers have a number of broadband and TV packages available to cater for this need.’ So why do I still have to pay for mine? Also, I recently discovered that it is actually broken and no one can get through anyway (the only people who ring are cold-callers and it’s been wonderfully quiet all year!); the line is dead and the jack has become wedged – it is no longer in the socket and I can’t pull it out of the cover either. How do I prevent Virgin from starting to charge me £19 a month again for a) something I don’t want or use and b) something that is broken anyway?


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About 1.5 years ago, I was sent an adaptor for the landline and the leaflet said I’d be contacted when I needed to do something with it. I never heard any more. I have tried plugging it in the hub but it doesn’t work. Is this because whatever it is hasn’t been switched on yet, or is it faulty?