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Landline Adapter

Joining in

I still haven’t had a reply from VM concerning my landline which was switched off yesterday I still haven’t received my adapter 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi PG61, welcome back to the community! Thank you for posting to bring this to our attention. 

Sincerest apologies that you are awaiting your landline adapter! This should have been sent to you ahead of the switchover. 

I will send you a PM to confirm a few account details and offer further support. We can the return to this public thread with an update when possible. 

You will find the PM in the top right corner of the page in your inbox. 

All the best!


Hi All, just returning to this public thread to keep it updated! 

Thank you to PG61 for PMing with me. We got a home phone conversion adapter sent out, which has already arrived and resolved the issue!  

You can see more information about the switchover process here: Everything You Need To Know - Virgin Media Community - 4757332

Along with this handy leaflet guide which runs through the installation process and all your equipment here. 

Just let us know if you have any further issues and we will be happy to help!

All the best.